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Gentlemen, need something impressive to pass along as business gifts? How about customized, quality chocolates with your logo on them? Or, need to get her something she’ll have a hard time saying “no” to? High-end chocolates. This ain’t retail Valentine’s Day stuff, gents. How about something fun and different to do with friends, family, or colleagues? Plan a Chocolate Tasting Party at Choicolate – Artisan Chocolates in Stone Oak.


We stopped by the confectionary’s boutique to meet the man (and woman) behind this high-quality chocolate enterprise—Leroy Reynolds, Jr., and his wife Krastina (Kris).


Choicolate Artisan Chocolates creates beautifully hand-made artisan chocolates, on location, in more than twenty unique flavors with all-natural ingredients. Products perfect for elegant gifts and treats include truffles, toffees, and specialty bars using premium European chocolate. My favorite was the margarita chocolate—delicious.


Leroy Reynolds is figuratively and professionally known as “the Chocolate Man.” He’s forty-four years old and originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. A former Army communications expert, Leroy and his wife Kris (a nationally recognized Bulgarian folk singer) are the proprietors of this high-end, confectionary boutique located in the 700 block of East Sonterra in Stone Oak. The Reynolds bought the business more than a year and a half ago and executed a business plan that included a fierce marketing campaign to remind everyone just how good chocolate can be.


After retiring from military service and a brief stint as a recruiter and as an inspector general, Leroy was ready to pursue entrepreneurship. He entered into barista training; however, Leroy’s great love was for “tea.” During a vacation in Swan Lake, Colorado, Leroy and Krastina visited a chocolate factory and realized the company sold coffee. That’s when Kris decided this was the business they would venture into. A UTSA business advisor suggested that instead of opening a new brick and mortar business, they seek out an established venture that someone might be interested in selling. After searching the Internet, they came across Choicolate in Stone Oak. Leroy decided against a franchise or licensing business because he wanted more control over the direction of his company.


“Choicolate” is actually a combination of the last name of the original Korean owners, Choi, and the word chocolate. Ironically, Leroy met his bride Krastina while stationed in Korea, and they had their first child in Korea. Leroy says after some prayer, it was “divine intersection” that lead them to the chocolate storefront that was up for sale.


Leroy says it’s his faith in God and love for family that brought him to this point, and he has an expansion plan in place to take his company to the next level. They’re currently exploring a retail campaign that may include adding more locations and selling their product in grocery chains.


For leisure activities Leroy says he’s the typical dude: rides his Harley, plays with his two young sons, and tinkers in landscaping around his home. So what’s on your nightstand, Leroy? THE BIBLE FROM 30,000 FEET by Skip Heitzig!


Stop by and pick up some chocolates, fellas—“she” won’t be disappointed.




  Choicolate - Artisan Chocolates : 700 E. Sonterra 78258, 210.495.2464












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