A Daughter and Her Dad

Society’s young innovators exhibit inspiring talent and ambition. We knew how special this one was within the first five minutes—she had so much spirit. Get ready for Makirah Leandra Florence, aka Meme. A ten-year-old photographer, app builder, and loving daughter to Marty Florence—quite an outspoken young lady, but all in good fun.

Meme is interested in military snapshots. Good thing they’re in the military city. Marty says, “She uses direct focus; she captures detail.” Meme uses a Canon T6 while her father uses a T5. They have their own business called Daughter and Dad Photography. You can catch them roaming downtown and also on Instagram, where you can find military photos with the signature #1makirah.

Meme built her first Android app when she was five years old.

Meme comes first with Marty. There were times during our interview Meme would stop her father and say, “They are asking me.” We all laughed. As we were getting to know Meme and Marty, we asked what she would like to be when she grows up. She answered, “A military sniper.”

This young girl entertains a room. Marty asked her, “Meme, what are some of the American values?” She said, “Hold on; I’m chewing my gum.” Then Meme responded. “Individualism, equality, materialism, science and technology, progress and change, and work and leisure.” Wow, we thought. “Although Obama wants change, I want tens and twenties,” she added, eliciting more laughs.

On top of loving military photography, she loves math. Meme is taught at the fifth-grade level through online schooling. She and Marty—her father, teacher, and best friend—moved to San Antonio from Detroit in 2016. We were in awe of the love these two have for each other.

Marty is an app developer and over the years has taught Meme about app building. Meme built her first Android app when she was five years old. We immediately searched YouTube for “five-year-old girl builds Android app.” There she was—five-year-old Meme explaining with a coherent vocabulary. Meme told us about the current mobile app called MYSAHD—My San Antonio Hotel Directory. Marty explained, “We got lost downtown—like the rest of the tourists. We didn’t know where to go.” Meme said, “I told Dad, ‘It would be cool if we could just get from point A to point B.’”

Marty continued the story while Meme had another gummy bear. “The app is a GPS that will get you right to the location and back again without having to worry about all the other things that Google pops up. The base location is the hotel a person is visiting, and listed below are all of the places below the app will GPS them straight to.” Marty was the developer and Meme his protégé.

This young lady, a child innovator, radiates intelligence and innovation. We asked her for the secrets to success. She answered, “Here is all that I’m going to need. I’m going to need printer paper and about 2000 dollars.” Hmm. She stopped and asked to play a video, an inspirational speech by Eric Thomas, called “Secrets to Success.”

As we closed our interview, we asked what was on her nightstand. To our surprise, she said, “At my mom’s house are some of Tupac’s old poems. Every two nights I watch a movie, but I watch the motivational video, too.”

This is Makirah Leandra Florence—Meme—#1makirah. A child innovator setting an example.

Author: INFLUENCE Magazine

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